The Pakistan I dream of

What do I wish to write about?

I wish to write about the anguish that young people in Pakistan and Pakistani’s abroad face these days, me being one of them.

The reason?

Because our country is corrupt to the core.

Because our youth are not provided the right avenues to channel their energies.

Because the status quo in Pakistan is unlikely to change in the future.

The Pakistan that I dream of:

1) is one where people are selected on merit.

2) is where the masses are tolerant and have a conscience.

3) is where social justice prevails.

5) is where the rule of law prevails.

6)  is not divided by ethnic factions; there is nothing wrong to be proud of ethnicity, but not when it used as a basis to divide the nation.

7) is a forward-looking nation which projects a favourable image abroad.

8) is a nation which is not plagued by the constant energy crisis.

9) a nation which is not so corrupt to the core in every branch.

10) a nation where education is made a priority.

11) a nation where people are aware of their rights and there exist institutions which can protect people’s rights.

12) a nation which is not a predatory state and where citizens do not fear for their safety constantly.

I am not alone in thinking this, the majority of the Pakistani’s I meet, dream of a similar Pakistan, speak of a similar Pakistan, write about a similar Pakistan, yet the status quo continues.

This desire exists not only for Pakistani’s living in Pakistan but Pakistanis living abroad, who  wish to return to such a Pakistan and not have to live abroad as refugees.

We have a lot of talented people, the idea is to bring them together and to see how we can do the best for our country.



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My name is Raza Amir

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